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Penis Lengthening Tool
"Miracle Extender™"
Penis Lengthening Kit

This kit contains everything you need to start, including an easy-to-follow brochure with an illustrated guide to the wear and use of the Miracle Extender penis enlargement device.
Since comfortable, unobtrusive wear is possible during everyday activity, the suggested duration of wear for the device is up to 12 hours per day, for 24 weeks.

An adaptation period of 2-3 weeks is recommended, with suggested limits on the amount of tension applied, and length of treatment sessions strongly encouraged.

The Miracle Extender is an affordable alternative to more expensive penis enlargers.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Basal Plastic Ring
  • 2 Metal bars with tension springs
  • 1 Plastic Distal Support Platform
  • 1 Silicone Band
  • 2 Foam Cushions
  • 4 Metal Extension Rods
  • 1 Silicone Security Strap

Please follow all directions and use suggestions included in the kit. Kit should be cleaned daily with antibacterial soap and warm water.


"Miracle Extender™"
Penis Lengthening Device

Item #390-5005
 Price: $75.95

Bigger Penis Stretcher on demo
"Bigger Penis" Lengthening Kit

The Bigger Penis™ Kit allows you to achieve increased size and performance! The enlargement device comfortably applies a constant stretch to your penis. In response, the stretched tissue slowly expands until you can see noticeable gains.

Throughout history, humans have experimented with the ability of gradual pressure to stretch tissue over time. This penis enlargement device capitalizes on that simple process to help you increase your size. Instructions for a complete regimen of wear and use are included.
Pieces for Bigger Penis Kit
  • Enlarger is 5.5" long from bottom of base to end of shaft support platform
  •  Opening at base of enlarger is 1.6" wide
  • Included extension rods add 1" (short rods) and 2" (short rods) to the length of the enlarger and can be attached together to add a total of 3 inches
  • Rubber strap is 0.9" wide X 7.75" long

Made of  ABS, Steel, Rubber

The Kit comes in an attractive case for safe and discreet storage.
Detailed instructions are also included.

Box for Bigger Penis Kit

"Bigger Penis™"
Penis Lengthening Device

Item #390-5010

How Penis Stretching for Lengthening Works:

Penis lengtheners use traction to stretch the penis so it becomes longer.
The traction [bracing one end, then the other and pulling in opposite directions] concept has been used for many centuries in ritual practices and beautification and as status symbols in tribes and indigenous communities.  This same principle is used for basic penis elongation which pulls and lengthens the muscles within the penis.

The original concept and design of penis stretchers was clinically developed as a proven penis enlargement device for men who wish to add a few extra inches to their penis size without taking pills and having costly, invasive penis surgery.  The traction provides a gentle and painless method of stretching and pulling which causes the rejuvenation and multiplying of tissue cells leading to a gradual expansion of the penile tissue. Basically, the body gradually and naturally "grows" new tissue to add to the penis in length and girth!

A penis stretcher can be discreetly worn under the clothes however should not be worn while sleeping unless tension is put to a minimal. It can be worn up to 12 hours a day. Be sure you wear the penis stretcher correctly and follow instructions you will see gains.

Ultimately, the successful gains of using a penis stretcher will depend upon how much time you wear the device. Patients who wear the device for longer periods of time achieve gains quicker. Using the scientific basis of gradual tension you can stretch your penis for permanent gains of up to 1 inch per month just using the penis stretching device 3 - 6 hours per day. However if you are not able to use the device much you will still increase your penis size but it will take longer to achieve the same result.

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