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Electro-Stimulation from P.E.S. for Electro-Sex Play
Choose any of the items below to read all about how-to-use,
pictures of the item in use, suggestions for use and to order.

P.E.S. Power Box
Electro-Stim Unit

Urethral & Penis Head Double Electrode
"Deep Throat

Prostate Stimulator
Single Electrode

Penis Head E-Stim
Single Electrodes

Acrylic Butt Plug Double Electrode

Rectal Pacifier
Single Electrode $89.95

Penis Base Ring
& PenisMid Ring
Single Electrodes

Anal Tubular Single Electrode

Butt Plug

Double Electrode

Urethral and Multi-use
Single Electrode


  Electro-Flex Vaginal Plug
Double Electrode

Ball Sack Single Adjustable Electrode
"Testicle Tubular"

Penile Rings
Single or Double

The Umbilical Cord
Multi-Wire Lead Control
~Designed for Men       ~Designed for Women       ~Unisex uses

Need  some help getting started with electro-play?
Electro-Starter Kit

Buying your first PES Power Box and accessories and don't know where to begin? Well, this easy to use combination kit should take the sting out (pun intended, of course!) for you!  It has everything you need to get going:

The complete Power Box
including A/C Adapter and
two sets of Low Profile Leads, the Rectal Pacifier (can be used anally or vaginally) and the very versatile 1/8" wide Sparkler, instructions and a tube of Surgical Lubricant!

It's such a great deal... seize the moment!

Electro-Play Starter Kit
Item #200-9000
  Price: $437.80 only $394.02*


Electro-Anal Starter's Kit
Buying your first PES Power Box and love anal play? Take advantage of this great offer! This kit has everything you need to start an anal adventure you will love... over and over again! The double connector Electro-flex anal plug electrode is the  perfect size ( 1" wide X 4" long). It also includes the Power Box, 2 sets of leads, A/C adapter, instructions and a tube of Surgical Lubricant! 

Electro-Anal Starter's Kit
Item #200-9005
Price: $473.85 only $426.47*


TENS Unit and Accessories
Looking for even more devious ways and ideas to explore Electro-Sex Play?

Check out these TENS  electro-stimulators and accessories for them! 
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